Haló, is mise Ronnie, and I'm building a site. Here's a todo list.

First steps

Now is the time, I think, that I need to start creating feature branches. I've got gulp up and running, creating css from scss, and enabling me to use browserSync in my development environment, but ... I've also got gatsby setup. And then I stopped.

The site's being served from the static index.html file at the root, but I've kinda got a secondary gatsby instance running, from /public/index.html (there's very little there just now).

I feel like I'm doing something twice. I have gulp setup and running at :8000, when I run gulp watch, but the gatsby instance, at :3000 when I run gatsby develop. Something's got to give, I reckon.

An introduction

tl;dr I used to build websites, this is my first real attempt in forever.

I know how to build websites. But when I used to do it regularly it was tables, then it was divs and floats. I was the king of the clearfix. For the last few years I've managed people more than I've build websites, so let's see how this goes.

This site will be a learn by doing site. I'll document what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, the resources I'm using, and the decisions I've made.

First off, here's where we are:

So, let's do this. Suggestions? Comments? Email me. Let's see how this goes.