Monsieur Moustache mustard

A graphic illustration of a man with a moustache.
Henri “Oh là là”.

Lovely Package have some examples of work done by German agency Studio Chapeaux (Behance) for Monsieur Moustache Mustard.

For more than 3000 years, mustard has been cherished as a sophisticated complement to the finest dishes, conquering the world’s most illustrious dining tables. To bring to life recipes from across the mustard spectrum we have created a range of moustachioed connisseurs. Each expresses the character of a particular mustard through their moustache.

They are the grande monsieurs moustache.

I love this kind of illustration. Reminds me very much of Stanley Chow, or Daniel Nyari‘s geometric styles.

Edinburgh Marathon 2014

This time last year, I signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon and began to put together a training plan that would get me across the finish line.

I started training seriously for it in December 2013 and, six months later, I crossed the line in a time of 3h 57m 32s. Not record-breaking, but not bad for a first time effort.

I can’t say that I enjoyed every minute of it, I don’t think I’ll run the Edinburgh Marathon again, and for the time being, I’m putting my marathon-running shoes into retirement. 10ks and half-marathons are where it’s at.

A photograph of a green MacMillan Cancer Support t-shirt.
Sweaty, post-race shirt.

Common Weal

Graphic image showing a Common Weal slogan.
Common Weal inspiration

Tangent Graphic have been working with the Jimmy Reid Foundation to create the Common Weal site, at It’s a really bright, simple design, that works well with the subject matter.

The site shows a collection of reports written about the future of Scotland. It claims not to have a stance on the independence debate, but it seems clear that the authors picture their Scotland framed within non-UK borders.

It began as a series of six reports but these quickly snowballed as scores of acedemics, writers and economists approached us with offers of more. The project now consists of over 50 major reports covering almost all policy areas.

As the work began it became clear that it needed a name. We asked a group of writers to think of a term which captured the idea of a fairer, more equal society. They came up with Common Weal, an old Scots phrase meaning both wealth shared in common and for the wellbeing of all.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, it’s a nicely crafted site, featuring some well written articles on some wide ranging topics.

Strava Metro

A photograph of a cyclist.
Strava promotional image.

Strava are licensing their data to a number of cities around the World, and it seems that Glasgow is among them.

Strava Metro looks like a new venture from the sports analytics company, and it’s reported that Oregon are paying $20000 per annum for the service, with others following suit.

I’m unsure if it’s Glasgow City Council who are leading this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all tied up in the Future Cities / Open Glasgow / Data Glasgow initiatives.

Something worth keeping an eye on, for sure.