The Grace of Jeff Buckley

I listen to a lot of podcasts.

From Helen and Olly’s Answer Me This, through NPR’s All Songs Considered, to WTF with Marc Maron, and many more in between. One of those others is KCRW’s Unfictional.

Fascinating documentary production and storytelling that covers the ground between the sophisticated and the profane. A half-hour of captivating stories of real life, created by the most talented producers from around the country, as well as stories from writers and performers based in Los Angeles.

A recent show, The Grace of Jeff Buckley, tells of a day-in-the-life of the late musician. That day in particular being March 18 1994.

An oral history of a day in the short life of musician Jeff Buckley… A day in London begins with a memorable photo shoot in the morning. In the afternoon, a radio performance stuns the DJ and her audience. Then, that night after two concerts, one planned and one improvised, his legend had begun to be written. It’s a story told by the people who were there, manager Dave Lory, booking agent Emma Banks, photographer Kevin Westenberg and tour manager Steve Abbott. Featuring exclusive interview and music recordings featuring Jeff Buckley.

It’s originally from BBC Four (where it’s also available) and is an interesting look at someone about whom I know very little. I know Grace, and Hallelujah, and that he didn’t know his dad, but that’s about it.

Somewhere in the back of my head, he’s always been a bit of a wallflower, but he comes across in this as having just the right amount of rock-star-arrogance, telling “Wasted Talent” agent Emma Banks, prior to meeting her that he’ll, “be wearing a hat, and I look like a musician.”

If you don’t get around to listening to the full episode, then at least listen to the acoustic GLR performance of Grace, highlighted in the podcast. It is fantastic.