Norman Cook

Fatboy Slim – aka Norman Cook – has never seemed to be that well respected, outside of the crowds who flock to his beachside gigs. But I’ve always quite liked him.

London Real have a good documentary on his work.

Paraguay 2034

As part of my university studies (more of which later but, briefly, I’m currently doing a part-time MBA at Strathclyde Business School) I had to do a bit of research on Paraguay.

The South American country was the focus of my Exploring the International Business Environment (EIBE) module. For this module, my group had to explore the future of a country and produce a report outlining what may or may not happen over the next 15 years.

Here’s a copy of the report. It’s a beast.

My two favourite things about it are that (1) there’s an Anthony Bourdain quote in there; and (2) that quote includes the word, “pisspot”.

It’s the little things.

Scottish Wildcats

I watched the Iain Glen-narrated Tigers of Scotland on Netflix, and very good it is, too.

It is estimated that there are between 100 – 300 Scottish Wildcats living in and around the Highlands of Scotland. In the past, these cats have roamed Great Britain, but deforestation and the urbanisation of rural land has seen their numbers dwindle. The low numbers are likely even lower, too, since breeding with feral domestic cats has diluted their DNA. Suspicions are that there are no pure wildcats remaining at all.

Eurasian Lynx

It might not be long before they go the way of the Eurasian Lynx, then. Again, these were found throughout Scotland, but disappeared around 400 years ago. There have been recent calls to reintroduce them to the ecology. Although that – like pretty much everything else these days – is at risk due to Brexit.

Scottish Wildcat photo by Peter Cairns/Scottish Wildcat Action, used without permission
Eurasian Lynx photo used without permission from